Featured Homepage Articles #2

Humans still have some edges on AI

Is it time to replace living portfolio managers with software? Probably not but AI will force people to focus on providing what machines can't. Check out where humans still outperform technology.

AP4 positioned for success

A strong belief in active management, trust in the skills and capabilities of its team, and a low-cost commercial approach has resulted in the Swedish AP4 producing its best ever performance – 16.4 per cent after expenses in 2013. Amanda White spoke to chief executive, Mats Andersson. It’s a neat story for the SEK260 billion... Read more »

Defensive setting, anaemic growth

Global pension funds continue to have a defensive asset allocation, reflected in the anaemic growth in the total assets of the world’s largest 300 pension funds by less than 2 per cent in 2011, new Towers Watson research reveals. The P&I/ Towers Watson Global 300 research reveals that concerns about ongoing uncertainty in global markets... Read more »

Latest research

A study comparing the performance of equal-, value-, and price-weighted portfolios of stocks in the major US equity indices over the last four decades has won a prestigious award. Raman Uppal, Member of EDHEC-Risk Institute and Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School, along with co-authors Grigory Vilkov and Yuliya Plyakha, both of Goethe University... Read more »

Long term view sheds light on equities rebound

Long-term investors should look beyond the current strong rebound in equity markets as it is likely that markets may be subdued in the coming years, according to consultancy Segal Rogerscasey.

Report predicts reduced role for equities

The McKinsey Global Institute has taken a big-picture look at the way the world is changing, with aging populations in the developed world and economic growth shifting towards the fast-growing emerging market economies.

New world order: Mercer offers its blueprint to cope

Mercer Investment Consulting has produced its foreshadowed paper on global equities, which urges clients to have a major rethink about their benchmarks and portfolio construction. Greg Bright spoke with the paper’s main author, Nick White.

UniSuper’s specialist revolution for global equities

The A$25 billion ($21 billion) UniSuper is revolutionising its $4 billion international equities portfolio, terminating every active developed markets manager in favour of passively tracking the MSCI World, while alpha is sought among specialist regional and sectoral managers, with a listed technology mandate to be first cab off the rank. The chief investment officer of... Read more »