Future Fund adds risk for short term

The CIO of Australia's sovereign wealth fund has added risk to the portfolio showing optimism about the short-term outlook but remains cautious about the medium and long term.

ESG scrutiny hits private markets

Listed assets aren’t the only investments under more scrutiny. As funds strive for sustainability, they are now applying that rigour even to notoriously opaque classes such as private equity.
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Future Fund talks alternatives

Craig Dandurand, director of debt and alternatives for the Future Fund, offers a glimpse into how it has recalibrated its approach to investing in hedge funds and other risk premia.
Asset Allocation

Future Fund revamps equities

Australia’s sovereign wealth fund has revamped its equities portfolio to take on deliberate factor risk and target idiosyncratic risk. The fund’s head of equities, Björn Kvarnskog, explains.

Active strategies still valued

Prominent CIOs say active management’s place is secure, even as passive strategies surge in popularity. But the two types of strategies aren’t as distinct as in years past.

Future Fund could manage others’ money

Managing money for default super is a possibility for Australia’s sovereign wealth fund. Its leadership also said becoming more ‘nimble’ and adding activity in venture and growth were priorities.

Future Fund focuses on technology

The lessons learned from embedding ESG risk management processes into the Future Fund’s portfolio can be readily applied to helping the fund improve its risk management for technological change.

Top funds’ strengths, challenges

A study of organisational behaviour at 15 of the world’s leading funds found best-practice ideas in risk management and sustainability, along with common challenges in areas such as diversity.
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‘Co-opetition’ among funds pays

A body of research demonstrates that a shift in mindset towards asset owners working together, while still maintaining genuinely productive competition, pays off for all stakeholders.

Sovereigns versus citizens

As sovereign wealth funds continue to grow, some are running into tussles with citizens over particular investments or the purpose of the fund. Transparency and greater engagement can help.

Return targets head downward

The challenging market environment is putting pressure on pension funds. In response, many are lowering return targets, rather than taking on more risk or requesting larger contributions.
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Tough climate marks value in governance

The link between better governance and stronger returns lies somewhere between faith and fact; however, in a historically tough climate, the argument for best practice seems overwhelming.