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BT scheme treads carefully in emerging markets

Sunil Krishnan, head of market strategy at $62-billion British Telecom Pension Scheme Management Limited (BTPS), the United Kingdom’s largest pension fund for employees of global telecoms operator BT Group, has sage advice for investors contemplating their exposure to emerging markets. Examining the pros and cons of the asset class, Krishnan counsels caution. Speaking at a […]

Hermes downbeat on 2012 outlook

There isn’t a lot of Christmas cheer when it comes to economic forecasts at Hermes, with the fund manager’s chief economist Neil Williams predicting the current gloom besetting the world economy will not lift in 2012, and may even get worse.

China a mystery going at breakneck speed

It’s not until you’re on the ground that the basic growth story in China is really obvious. When Guy Russo, now head of Kmart in Australia, was the head of McDonald’s in China, they called it “opening a store every four hours”.

Pimco’s predictions take a pessimistic turn

Pimco has warned that its outlook for the global economy has declined sharply in recent months, predicting the world will enter a two-to-five-year period of instability as governments seek to address economic imbalances.

The Development of Local Debt Markets in Asia

This IMF working paper makes an assessment of the progress made in developing local debt markets in emerging Asia. Market development has been limited by hurdles confronting borrowers and lenders, current and potential liquidity providers, and insufficient support from government policies and regulations. The papers says, with rapid economic growth in Asia, a key challenge […]

Investors see oasis in Arab desert

While international money took fright and fled the Middle East in the wake of recent political turmoil, less risk-adverse investors are noticing the region could be fertile ground for returns.