Temasek seeks tomorrow’s champions

The $203.5 billion Temasek is making plenty of shifts in its flexible equities portfolio, to target markets, sectors or entities with the competitive advantage for global growth.

OTPP’s private equity revolution

A deep dive into the world-class private capital division of OTPP, led by Jane Rowe, reveals a strategy of buying large direct stakes in companies, and a commitment to innovation.

A giant takes its first small steps in infrastructure

In 2008 CalSTRS decided on building an exposure to infrastructure that eventually would total $3.5 billion or 2.5 per cent of its more than $148 billion overall portfolio. An experienced investor in other asset classes, it was a relative newcomer to infrastructure.

A new card for an old infrastructure hand

      With more than $A5 billion ($5.3 billion) invested in infrastructure through some 120 different types of assets, AustralianSuper is examining whether diversity is all its cracked up to be when it comes to infrastructure investing.

OMERS uses patient capital for life cycle venture investing

OMERS has will capitalise on its ability to invest for the long-term and use the newly-launched venture capital arm to invest directly in the entire life cycle of a project. OMERS Ventures, which will be the avenue for the fund to invest directly in venture rather than through funds, is predicated on funding through the... Read more »