ABP warns pension reforms must proceed

The Netherlands’ biggest pension fund has said it will not be able to maintain its current asset allocations and risk/return profile if proposed Dutch pension reforms do not go ahead.

Dutch pension funds back reform program

High-profile Dutch pension funds and their service providers have come out in support of an agreement to radically reform the country’s pension system.

Funds face enforced consolidation

Funds in the Australian pension industry will face enforced consolidation if they do not do a better job at managing the compulsory contributions of millions of workers, the Federal Government’s chief superannuation advisor has warned.

Texas Teachers looks to hedge bets in low-returns world

Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) will look to investments in hedge funds to maintain its position as one of the best performing public pension funds in the United States, its chief investment officer Britt Harris told trustees at its recent board meeting.

Swedish fund looks to joint venture investments

Swedish fund AP2 is directing its alternative asset investments into innovative joint venture company structures, in an effort to maintain a greater degree of control over real asset investments.

Investors see the forest for the trees

Timber is increasingly attractive for institutional investors as part of an alternatives exposure, with benefits including diversification and inflation-hedging. To date most of the investments have been in the US, but a new report predicts this will move to emerging countries including those in Asia, with consultants advising investors spread their timber exposures to capture... Read more »

Danish PFA gets going when times are tough

Danish Pension Fund PFA — having survived the financial crisis and boasting a remarkable funding level of 191 per cent — is now providing both defined benefit and defined contribution schemes and offering its investment skills to external clients.

Dutch shake up pension system

The Dutch Government, some unions and employers have agreed on a deal to radically reform the Dutch pension system, with the formerly defined-benefit scheme edging towards a more hybrid defined-contribution arrangement.

Swedish fund goes farming for diversification

The Second Swedish National Pension Fund (AP2) will invest $250 million in a joint venture with a US pension fund and financial services provider to buy farmland in the United States, Brazil and Australia.

Californian funds told to invest in their own backyard

California Treasurer Bill Lockyer (pictured) sent his deputy Steve Coony to a recent CalPERS board meeting to tell the pension fund they needed to do more to invest in their own backyard. Coony shares his views with on how public pension funds can play a greater role in boosting California’s ailing economy.

De-risking is de rigueur, survey finds

Investors are looking to continue to scale-back their exposure to US equities, increase their allocation to fixed-interest assets and strongly focus on the liability side of their balance sheets, a recent survey of funds in the US and Europe found.