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NYC Comptroller’s Bureau of Asset Management

The Comptroller is by law the custodian of City-held trust funds and the assets of the New York City Public Pension Funds, and serves as Trustee on four of the five funds. Further, the Comptroller is delegated to serve as investment advisor by all five pension boards. The Comptroller’s Bureau of Asset Management oversees the investment portfolio for each system and related defined contribution funds. In this role, the Comptroller provides investment advice, implements Board decisions, and reports on investment performance. The Bureau of Asset Management advises the Boards on all investment-related topics, including investment policy and strategy, asset allocation, manager structure, manager selection and financial and economic developments that may affect the systems. The systems’ portfolios are managed predominantly by external investment managers, and are largely invested in publicly traded securities, with additional allocations to private equity, real estate, infrastructure, hedge funds, and opportunistic fixed income investments.


United States

AUM ($B)


Chief Executive

Brad Lander - NYC Comptroller

Chief Investment Officer

Alex Done


Brad Lander - NYC Comptroller

Asset allocation
The majority of the domestic equity portfolio is passively managed with the remaining being actively managed by various managers with diverse investment strategies

28.6% US Equity

10.1% World ex US

1.3% Infrastructure

6.5% Emerging Markets

0.7% International FOF

26.9% Fixed Income

0.7% Global Equity

8.5% Alternative Credit

7.9% Private Equity

5% Private Real Estate related articles
Sustainability Digital – March 2021

APG and NYC talk Amazon push back

Two of the world’s most influential institutional investors are hitting a brick wall in their attempts to engage with Amazon’s board on workplace safety. Every time the Netherland's APG and the office of New York City Comptroller, fiduciary to New York city’s five pension funds, try to engage with the board at the tech giant in which they own a combined $6.5 billion they get push back from management.
Sustainability Digital – March 2021

Amazon under fire

Two of the world’s largest asset owners are putting pressure on Amazon to reveal exactly how it is protecting its workers from COVID-19. It’s a move indicative of the investor mood to focus attention on human and labour rights among investee companies, with a particular spotlight on the tech sector.
Harvard 2019

NYC Retirement Systems’ S in ESG

Speaking at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Harvard University, John Adler, mayor’s trustee and advisor to the other mayoral appointees at New York City’s $200 billion five retirement systems, highlighted the critical role investors play in protecting workers’ rights and ensuring a just transition as the global economy adapts to the implications of climate change.
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De-worming the Big Apple

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with Ranji Nagaswami, chief investment advisor to New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg. She’s the first mayoral chief investment adviser in NYC to oversee pensions and investments, an area that is usually the domain of the comptroller. She is an experienced and dynamic enthusiast with ideas galore […]
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