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Founded in 1985, Migros-Pensionskasse is a private sector pension fund that provides a defined benefit plan for the employees of Migros. Migros is a retail company in Switzerland that is known for its supermarket chains. As part of the expansion of Migros’ business areas, various other pension schemes were added over time. At the end of the seventies, there was a consolidation, which found its present form in 1985 with the introduction of compulsory occupational pension schemes and the associated transfer of all previous pension schemes to the Migros Pension Fund (MPK). The level of performance is above average, and the disproportionate representation of employees on our management bodies reflects the social partnership culture at Migros.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Christoph Ryter

Chief Investment Officer

Adrian Ryser

Asset allocation

34.6% Nominal Investments

28.7% Shares

34.8% Property

1.9% Gold Physical