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Massachusetts PRIM

The Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board manages the assets of the Pension Reserves Investment Trust (“PRIT”) Fund for public employee pension benefits on behalf of Massachusetts State Employees, Massachusetts Teachers’, and Boston Teachers’, as well as local participating retirement systems throughout the Commonwealth that elect to invest with PRIM. PRIM’s mission is to generate strong risk-adjusted investment returns that help the Commonwealth of Massachusetts meet its pension obligations and alleviate potential taxpayer burden.


United States

AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Michael Trotsky

Chief Investment Officer

Michael Trotsky


Deborah B. Goldberg

Asset allocation
PRIM believes that over the long‐term, asset allocation is the most critical component to achieve its investment objectives and meet its obligations. The adopted asset allocation that is available through investment in the PRIT Fund provides participating retirement systems with a diversified portfolio of active and passive investment strategies across several asset classes. In order to achieve our long-term return objectives, a significant portion of the Fund is allocated to global equity investments, which typically generate higher returns, but can also experience more volatility.

41.2% Global equity

15.7% Core Fixed income

6.8% Value-added Fixed income

8.2% Real estate

15.7% Private equity

2.8% Timberland

8.1% Portfolio completion strategies

1.3% Overlay

0.1% related articles

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