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Kansas Public Employees Retirement System

The Kansas Legislature created the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System in 1962 to secure a financial foundation for those spending their careers in Kansas public service. The Retirement System provides disability and death benefits while employees are still working, and a dependable pension benefit when they retire.

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United States



Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Alan Conroy

Chief Investment Officer

Bruce Fink


James Zakoura

Asset allocation

22.3% Domestic Equity

21.2% International Equity

9.9% Fixed Income

5.5% Yeild Driven

11% Real Return

12.7% Real Estate

11.6% Alternative Investments

5.8% Cash Equivalents related articles
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Tackling sustainability in emerging markets

Emerging market investing and sustainable investing easily rank as two of the most substantiated of the many investment trends of the past decade. However, the two styles of investing are far from natural bedfellows. Christian Ragnartz, as chief investment officer of the $17-billion-plus Swedish pension fund AP7 – which has 13 per cent of its […]
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Kansas PERS cuts global equities

The Kansas Public Employees Retirement System is slowly reducing its exposure to global equities as it explores “just about everything else”. Amanda White spoke with chief investment officer Robert ‘Vince’ Smith about the fund’s plans for 2010 which include an asset/liability study and the reorganisation of its equities allocations. Sponsored Content
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