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Future Fund

Future Fund is Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, responsible for investing for the benefit of future generations of Australians. Future Fund was established in 2006 to strengthen the Commonwealth’s long-term financial position and manages six public asset funds.Future Fund operate independently from the Australian government and tailors the management of each fund to its unique investment mandate.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Raphael Arndt

Chief Investment Officer

Sue Brake


Peter Costello

Asset allocation

8.5% Australian Equities

18.2% Developed Market Equities

9.1% Emerging Markets Equities

17.5% Private Equity

5.9% Property

7.4% Infrastructure and Timberland

6.6% Debt Securities

13.5% Alternatives

13.2% Cash related articles
Investor Profile

Future Fund sceptical on correlations

The Future Fund, Australia’s A$226 billion sovereign wealth fund, has embarked on an ambitious project instigated during the crisis which includes re-examining its investment assumptions, risk tolerance and the way it allocates capital. Amanda White talks to the fund’s new CIO, Sue Brake about where the fund will be allocating in the future including alternatives and active management.
Hedge Funds

Future Fund sticks with hedge funds

Australia’s A$168 billion Future Fund is looking to add more money to its A$22.6 billion hedge fund program where it can find managers with spare capacity, to help protect the portfolio against a sell-off in the equity market.
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