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Worldwide diversity in funded pension plans

There is a huge diversity in pension system design across the globe, reflecting historical, cultural and institutional diversity. There is much to be learned by each of the different systems, so in order to compare the benefits of various systems, two authors from APG in the Netherlands postulate a new classification of four role models […]
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US federal employees’ plan embarks on giant investment tender

The $289 billion Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), the largest defined contribution plan in the world, is embarking on a tender of its entire outsourced investments, worth about $173 billion. The incumbent is Blackrock. Executive director, Greg Long, explains the process to Blackrock, defined contriibution, Greg Long, Hewiit Ennis Knupp, investment tender, Thrift Savings PlanAsset […]
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World’s largest DC plan to tender investments

The $244 billion Thrift Savings Plan, the largest defined contribution plan in the world, faces an enormous operational challenge this year as it moves from an opt-in to an opt-out default for US federal employees. Amanda White spoke with executive director Greg Long about the fund’s plans for 2010, which include a substantial investment tender. Thrift Savings […]