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Australian Retirement Trust

The Australian Retirement Trust was founded on 28 February 2022 following the merger between Sunsuper and QSuper. This merger is currently the largest superannuation fund merger in Australian history.





Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Bernard Reilly

Chief Investment Officer

Ian Patrick


Andrew Fraser

Asset allocation

26.5% Australian Shares

27% International Shares

6.5% Private Equity

8.5% Property

9.5% Infrastructure

12.5% Fixed Interest

5.5% Alternative Strategies

4% Cash related articles
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Why investors employ smart beta strategies

The common view is smart beta is used to side step expensive active equity managers or hedge fund managers whose processes are on the surface opaque, but on close investigation turn out to be largely beta like in approach. As investors have gained experience and familiarity they have also learnt about how it offers greater […]
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Why Sunsuper likes hedge funds

One of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, the $27 billion Sunsuper, is adamant that it gets value out of its large hedge fund program. This is against the grain in Australia, where many large funds (with the exception of the Future Fund) choosing not to invest in hedge funds. So why does Sunsuper favour hedge funds? […]
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Capital provider: Australia’s Sunsuper

The $26 billion Australian super fund, Sunsuper, is investing in an increasing amount of exclusive unlisted asset deals. Chief investment officer David Hartley says the difficulties of banks in Europe in particular have led the fund down the path of increasing the amount of debt investments in its unlisted exposure. Much of this has been […]
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