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“eBay” for SWFs to provide asset listings

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute has developed an eBay-like service for sovereign wealth funds that will enable them to access and search for assets and investment funds via a buyer centric marketplace.

During a meeting in Tokyo on June 10, founders of the Institute authorised the announcement of plans to unveil a new business segment that will provide anonymous asset listings and capital introduction services.

Through the listing, investors are able to access and search for hedge, equity and private equity funds free of charge. They can also browse for institutional grade assets like real estate offices to large scale infrastructure projects.

“The private institutional buyer centric marketplace will be an efficient, global alternative investment solution that
utilises connectivity, diligence, privacy and technology,” Michael Maduell, chief executive officer of the Institute, said.

“This unique platform will systematically provide buyers and investors with the necessary tools to select investment
funds and assets.”

Active participants will be selected and carefully screened before given access to the marketplace, the Institute said.

“This is a brand new approach to a rather untapped marketplace that we have discovered during a unique time of recovery for the global business environment,” he said.

“Not only will investors, including sovereign wealth funds and other institutional buyers, be able to find high quality investments at favourable prices, but legitimate sellers and fund managers will be able to gather exposure on their opportunities, and potentially tap into needed liquidity.”

The name of the new business segment will be announced at the time of launch, which is expected to be within the next

According to the Institute, the platform will provide anonymity, breadth, efficiency, diligence and liquidity.



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