Divestment doesn’t go far enough

Many investors are ridding their portfolios of assets that contribute to human suffering, but that may not go far enough. Tim Hodgson writes that a global fix requires something far more bold.

Pensions add $4.8 trillion in 2017

Pension assets grew by nearly $5 trillion last year and the hottest markets were Australia, Chile and Hong Kong. Go inside the numbers of The Thinking Ahead Institute’s annual pension report.
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A new framework for value metrics

Ideas about how businesses generate value and which groups benefit continue to evolve. The Thinking Ahead Group argues there are four sets of stakeholders, and has metrics in mind for each.

Evolution key to top funds’ growth

The last decade was full of growth for large asset owners. To write a similar story over the next 10 years, they’ll need the self-awareness to fuel the good governance necessary for success.

Where future leaders will focus

The investment industry will need a new kind of leader with a new set of skills to serve the interests of younger generations and create value for society as a whole.
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The long-horizon advantage defined

A long-term investor has an advantage that lies in the skill to identify divergences between price and value in markets, and the willingness to wait for a convergence to take place.

Largest pension funds get bigger

Willis Towers Watson’s report on the top 300 pension funds for 2016 shows the world’s largest 20 funds have increased their share of global pension assets under management by 7.1 per cent.

Top funds’ strengths, challenges

A study of organisational behaviour at 15 of the world’s leading funds found best-practice ideas in risk management and sustainability, along with common challenges in areas such as diversity.
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Locking up capital has pros and cons

In theory, closed-end funds should outperform over long horizons – they can avoid forced sales. But in practice, lack of monitoring and alignment can lead to agency costs and underperformance.

Growth dynamics define sustainability

Will long-term GDP growth behave like bacteria in a petri dish or rabbits on a deserted island? The answer has implications for investors attempting to construct sustainable portfolios.
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Beware the hidden dangers of exotic ETFs

When an exchange-traded fund isn’t closely matched by its underlying components, liquidity can dry up, credit risks can emerge, and other factors can eat away at expected returns.

Change the conversation

Panellists discuss what drives transformational change, the obstacles asset owners face when instituting it in their culture or operating models – and the benefits of getting it right.