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Former SEC head hits out at Dodd-Frank

Former head of the US Securities Exchange Commission, Harvey L Pitt, has one simple piece of advice for investors wondering if, a year after the sweeping Dodd-Frank reforms were enacted, regulation has been adequately strengthened to avoid another financial crisis.

The changing role of hedge funds in the global economy

According to the modelling in this paper, a modest allocation to hedge funds would improve the returns to US public pension funds by about $13 billion annually. It also shows that the track record of hedge funds in recent years illustrates that hedge funds have not been “an important source of systemic risk”.

How passive investing increases market vulnerability

This new research, to be published in the FAJ, shows that the rise in popularity in indexing, through passive mutual funds and ETFs, contributes to higher systematic market risk. It shows, consistent with the accelerating growth of passive investing, that equity betas have not only risen but converged in recent years.
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The evolution of risk

Chief investment officer of Windham Capital Management and researcher extraordinaire, Mark Kritzman, is using his proprietary turbulence and systemic risk indicators to calculate the internal systemic risk of total institutional portfolios. He says this analysis can deliver a powerful precursor to portfolio volatility in the future.
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Systemic Risk: Strategic Challenges for Policymakers and Practitioners

Systemic risk has emerged as a critical challenge for central bankers, regulators, asset owners and managers. While the infuence of the phenomenon is well-understood, systemic risk is often virtually invisible until it erupts into widespread market dislocation. New regulatory standards, oversight bodies and quantitative research approaches seek to moderate its infuence and stabilise global markets. […]