Managers want more public companies

Individual investors are being denied access to tech shares and other growth because fewer businesses are publicly listed, a panel of asset management executives told the Milken conference.

Balancing the long and short of it

Recent reports highlight challenges sovereign wealth funds face in reconciling long- and short-term objectives – and how success in private markets comes from finding and developing talent.

What the ‘Phi’ is wrong with investors?

New research has found that organisations and teams with more altruistic motivations for working in the investments industry are also more likely to deliver superior long-term returns.

‘Asset class alpha’, and sector ETFs

A large percentage of the outperformance of private equity can be replicated by using sector exchange traded funds, according to new research.

SSgA focuses on innovation not assets

For Scott Powers, president and chief executive of State Street Global Advisors, assets under management is not a measure of success – the manager is currently the world’s fourth largest with around $2.5 trillion. Instead it is the ability to provide value for clients in meeting their objectives – whether it be matching liabilities, creating... Read more »

Making money from ESG

It is a measure of the experience of the Australian fund, Local Government Super, on ESG that it will instruct its managers on which companies to omit from portfolios. The New South Wales fund started its policy of applying environmental, social and governance filters to its investments by omitting tobacco companies in 2000. Today, it... Read more »

A new model of liquidity

The risk-adjusted benefit of being able to rebalance a portfolio is worth tens of basis points, according to new research that assigns risk and return measures to liquidity so it can be analysed alongside other portfolio decisions. The award-winning research is now being used by large sovereign wealth funds, to determine the value they should... Read more »

Big data, big opportunities: investors wake up to analytics

As pension funds act more like asset managers, with internal investment responsibilities, they should focus on the competitive advantages to be gained from data and analytics.   The healthcare industry has seen a 20 per cent decrease in patient mortality by analysing streaming patient data. The Telco industry has seen a 92 per cent increase... Read more »

Smart beta: where is the value?

I’ve been contemplating the “smart beta” wave the industry seems to be riding at the moment. Cynically, part of that contemplation asks whether there is any innovation at play or whether it’s simply the industry playing with nomenclature once again. The answer is confusing, for while I’d like to be able to write it off... Read more »

State Street’s Probyn into 2013

The current equity rally is not predicated on a shift in economic performance, according to chief economist at State Street, Chris Probyn, who says it would be reasonable to say the market may “pause for thought”. Probyn says the move from fixed income to equities has been fostered by some of the “economic areas for... Read more »

Inversion therapy:
the investor as benchmark

The pension and funds management industry needs to redefine performance to an absolute return measure, according to The Influential Investor: How Investor Behaviour is Redefining Performance, a paper that is the result of 12 months of research with more than 3000 investors and investment providers across 68 countries. The report, which sought to uncover the... Read more »

State Street takes an everyday view of inflation’s Sam Riley talks with Jessica Donohue, a senior managing director at State Street Associates, about the drive to move beyond traditional inflation measures.