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Japan’s GPIF sets investment principles

Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund, the largest pension fund in the world, has established a set of investment principles that focus on its ability to take advantage of its long-term investment horizon and the fund’s ability to make pension payments. The ¥137 trillion ($1.1 trillion) fund is working to long time horizons, with a fiscal […]
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Swiss investors on the hunt for alternatives

A company pension fund might not be the first place you would think of applying for a mortgage. According to Matthias Weber, a partner at Zurich consultancy ifund services, the issuance of mortgages by investors is likely to deepen as Swiss pension funds continue on their quest to find good alternative assets. Weber has just […]
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Index providers push into active managers’ domain

Index construction is pushing the boundaries of active management, with index providers launching products such as high beta to take advantage of market movements. S&P Indices is the latest to add to its family of high-beta indexes, recently launching two indexes of developed and emerging markets. Alka Banerjee, S&P Indices’ vice president of strategy and […]

How passive investing increases market vulnerability

This new research, to be published in the FAJ, shows that the rise in popularity in indexing, through passive mutual funds and ETFs, contributes to higher systematic market risk. It shows, consistent with the accelerating growth of passive investing, that equity betas have not only risen but converged in recent years.