Ambachtsheer’s long-term premium

Finance professor Keith Ambachtsheer has outlined a trio of possibilities for coming decades. One is a rosy outlook, two are more pessimistic. But no matter what, he sees a long-term premium.
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CFA Institute defends curriculum

In a recent article for, Keith Ambachtsheer called the CFA Institute’s curriculum outdated and short on future focus. The institute argues that he should look again.

Ambachtsheer calls for CFA update

Pension fund adviser Keith Ambachtsheer says the industry-leading CFA credential program needs to be more focused on the future – starting with an update to outdated reference materials.

Most popular stories of 2017

This year, as you might expect, our readers placed six investor profiles among our top 10 most read stories. See what other types of stories topped the list and find out what was No. 1.

The value of the Canadian model

A lot has been written about the superiority of the “Canadian model” for managing pensions, but can a value be assigned to this organisational design structure?

Equity risk premium appears intact

The equity risk premium will reflect long-term averages, based in part on a Financial Analysts Journal article that shows buybacks are now top drivers of equity returns, replacing dividends.

Time to make value judgements

Keith Ambachtsheer says net value added for members, not absolute cost, is the way to evaluate funds, and points to a report from Australia’s Productivity Commission as a sensible blueprint.

Fundamentally rewiring finance

The better aligned a society’s financial institutions are with its goals and ideals, the stronger and more successful the society will be.

Pay for performance

Pension fund executive pay varies widely around the globe, with differences based on internal management and alternatives exposures. Amanda White examines pension fund executive pay.

The future of pension management

Keith Ambachtsheer’s fourth book, to launch next month, tackles the persistent problems in pension governance, design and investment, including the sizeable aspiration/implementation gap.
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Strong governance begins with robust culture and teams in place

Keith Ambachtsheer, Director Emeritus, Rotman International Centre for Pension Management argues that good governance begins with having “the right team in the room.” This means robust human resource teams, the ability to address issues around understaffing and raising the effectiveness of board members. “Board governance is still a work in progress today,” he argues, speaking... Read more »

Pension fund governance needs an overhaul, still

How much has pension fund governance changed in the past 16 years? Not much! A survey of pension fund governance by Keith Ambachtsheer and John McLaughlin, which asked respondents the same questions in 1997, 2005 and 2014 reveal that the same “sources of excellence shortfall” exist today as they did 16 years ago. Pension fund... Read more »