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Dutch funds team up for OECD Guidelines

More than 70 pension funds from The Netherlands have joined forces with the Dutch Government and trade unions for the Responsible Business Conduct Agreement – a pledge to work together to prevent their investment practices from harming society or the environment.
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KLM funds ride out de-risking turbulence

Pension funds can face a lot of turbulence in the course of their investing journey and many funds thrown into shortfalls have found the need to de-risk their portfolios. There might be a few investment officers at those funds casting an enviable eye upwards to the pension fund of Dutch flag-carrying airline KLM. Toine van […]
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Pension funds reject EU financial transaction tax

When the European Commission announced plans on February 14 to introduce a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) by the start of 2014, it planted a bomb under Europe’s pension funds. That is not, of course, the view of Algirdas Šemeta (pictured below right), the EU’s commissioner for taxation. He says the proposed tax is “unquestionably fair […]
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Longevity is key to Dutch pension reforms

As the well-respected Dutch pension system sits in a state of reform limbo, long-time trustee and MKB-Nederland representative in the recent round of negotiations on pension reform, Benne van Popta, has particular ideas on how to improve the system. The combination of low interest rates, an ageing population and increasing life expectancy has prompted a […]
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Fund collaboration first step to joint investment

European pension fund service providers PGGM and PKA have agreed on an innovative knowledge exchange that eventually aims to look for joint investment opportunities as well as improving the way the funds conduct risk management and the benchmarking of investments, costs and socially responsible investing.