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Investors must help form climate agreement

It is now more critical than ever for investors to step up their dialogue with policy makers regarding climate change initiatives, the executive director of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change, Stephanie Pfeifer, says in the wake of the UN climate change talks in Durban.

Carbon is next bubble, warns report

Capital markets may be creating a so-called carbon bubble by mispricing known fossil fuel reserves as assets, leaving investors with a systematic risk to their portfolios, new research claims.

CalSTRS to get nimble for risk…

CalSTRS will explore the potential of risk-oriented strategic allocation management and wider asset class ranges, as it sets out its investment business plan for 2010-11, which also includes collaborating with UC Regents and CIC about improvements to Barra One – its risk management system – and potentially further insourcing. Each fiscal year CalSTRS sets out […]