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AustralianSuper on shaping ownership

Jim Craig is chair of the investment committee for the $76 billion AustralianSuper. He talks to Amanda White about aligning principles and strategy for Australia’s largest superannuation fund.

Investors launch Climate Action 100+

Hundreds of global investors, including CalPERS and the Swedish buffer funds, have come together to pursue low-carbon goals by working actively with big companies and publicising their progress.

AustralianSuper’s equities ride

The large size and penchant for active investment of the $120 billion AustralianSuper present both opportunities and challenges for its fund managers and inhouse equities team.
From the CIO’s chair

AustralianSuper touts appeal of ESG

As a long-term investor focused on providing good retirement outcomes to its members, AustralianSuper appreciates the importance of ESG issues as determinants of future success.

AustralianSuper CIO Mark Delaney

Mark Delaney sees an opportunity to make money from Brexit and a bright side to the tumult of US President Donald Trump.

Focus on integrity and ethics at Fiduciary Investors Symposium

Ethics and finance will top and tail the program at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium to be held at Chicago Booth School of Business, from October 18-20, highlighting the fact that as asset owners get larger and employ more staff they need to be clear on their own internal ethics and responsibilities. One of the world’s... Read more »

AustralianSuper contemplates foreign outposts

Australia’s largest superannuation fund, AustralianSuper, is considering whether it should have its own investment management and currency hedging teams based in Europe and America. Due to the mandatory nature of the system in Australia, the current rate of funds under management growth means assets are doubling every four to five years. Peter Curtis, head of... Read more »

Investors alter allocations because of climate risks

A number of large institutional investors, including AP1, the Environment Agency and AustralianSuper, made changes to their strategic asset allocation as a result of Mercer’s 2011 study on climate risks, and now the consultant is working with a new raft of investors to assess forward-looking climate change scenarios against their current allocations. Meanwhile one of... Read more »

OECD leads global infrastructure push

Simply comprehending the myriad of national institutional investing systems, investor types and priorities can be an onerous task. Attempting to coordinate an international effort to promote an uncommon investment strategy choice is well and truly herculean. That is the challenge facing Raffaele Della Croce and the rest of the team behind the Organisation for Economic... Read more »

Active management and ideal weighting in emerging markets

From a strategic asset allocation point of view, AustralianSuper is one of the most aggressive investors in emerging markets, particularly Asia. About a quarter of the $43-billion fund is in international equities, and nearly half of that is in emerging markets. Equities is the vehicle for AustralianSuper’s emerging market exposure because growth remains the reason... Read more »

Emerging markets: the strategy choice

Usually when the $129-billion Ontario Teachers Pension Plan makes a strategic move, the rest of the investing community pays attention. With a 15-per-cent allocation to emerging markets and a strategic plan to increase it to 20 per cent over the next couple of years, OTPP just opened an office in Hong Kong to take advantage... Read more »

Inhouse target: zero to
$40 billion in 4 years

If everything continues on schedule, the $60-billion AustralianSuper will begin testing its new internal investment-management systems this month, with a view to managing its first money in house in the third quarter of 2013. Within four years the fund expects to manage as much as $40 billion in house, funded primarily from cash flow, and... Read more »