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Active management: turning the argument on its head

One of the enduring areas of asset management academic study, and practitioner query, is whether or not managers have skill. In his work, professor of finance at Stanford, Jonathan Berk, shows the answer doesn’t lie in returns but in manager compensation.   Determining whether active skill exists is not the same as looking at whether […]
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Investors call for conflict of interest code

As an outsourced provider, fund managers make a series of promises to investors. Anything that tempts the promise to be broken is a conflict of interest, according to chief executive of Carne Group, John Donohoe, whose organisation has conducted a survey of institutional investors’ attitudes to conflicts of interest. In a survey of global allocators […]
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Long-term social investment, Milan style

Italy boasts relatively few institutional investors, but the Milan-based Fondazione Cariplo shows that new investing standards can still be set in the home of the renaissance. The €7-billion ($9.3-billion) foundation’s most coveted investment work is its pioneering Italian funds in social housing – an asset area that has been touted in larger markets as an […]

Investors punish non-abiding managers

Asset owners are increasingly putting pressure on their asset managers to abide by the CFA asset manager code of professional conduct, with one CIO stating that managers who do not comply could be penalised in the future.
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Tips for looking under a manager’s kimono

Trouble-shooting consultant, Jim Ware, who has worked with the likes of Texas Teachers and Cornell University, gives his tips on selecting managers and as well as how to deal with the “investment” personality type, which makes up only 5 per cent of the population.

US asset managers trail European counterparts in ESG

Less than a quarter of US asset managers are using ESG risk analysis to inform their investment decisions, and European managers are considerably out-performing their American and global counterparts in integrating sustainability considerations, a report from MSCI ESG Research has revealed.

Industry fails to go “Gaga” on social media

Recent ructions in financial markets may have increased the worries of many asset managers but you are unlikely to see them telling the world about their glide path plans or their fat tails risks on a social media site, a new survey has found.