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The importance of engagement

In this episode Amanda White talks with engagement specialist at Robeco, Peter van der Werf, about the importance of engagement; what good engagement looks like; and what financially material sustainability themes are important right now.
PodcastA new future

Looking forward with the PRI

In conversation with Fiona Reynolds, chief executive of the PRI, this episode looks specifically at some of the activities of the PRI and its engagement with stakeholders around COVID-19, their ESG priorities and what a sustainable recovery looks like.

Carbon reductions and climate risk

William Nordhaus favors a carbon tax to slow climate change but his own model shows that the UN’s target would make humanity poorer than doing nothing at all about climate change.
Session recordingGlobal risks

The vaccine

This session looks at the development of a vaccine for COVID-19 and what cooperation is needed to fight the virus.
Session recordingInequality

Ways to change the world

In conversation with the current recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Esther Duflo, this session looks at the phenomenon of inequality and the way in which economics and finance can help meet the challenge for a better, more equal, world.