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United Parcel Service (UPS Pension)

UPS Pension Plan is a single-employer, noncontributory, and defined-benefit corporate pension based in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1973, the plan provides retirement, disability, and death benefits to the employees of United Parcel Service of America and subsidiary companies, a package delivery company, and a provider of supply chain management solutions.


United States



Chief Executive

Carol Tomé

Chief Investment Officer

Ernie Caballero


William Johnson

Asset allocation
Asset allocation of US Pension Plan

4.8% Cash and Equivalents

40.4% Equity

32.6% Fixed Income

7.3% Hedge Funds

8.6% Private Equity

1.4% Private Debt

4.1% Real Estate

0.8% Other related articles
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UPS pension fund’s opportunistic future

The United Parcel Service corporate pension fund is finalising an asset liability study this year which will result in a new strategic asset allocation. The $28 billion US fund, typically has a lower allocation to fixed income than its peers and has a reasonably aggressive portfolio for a corporate defined benefit fund. It is a […]
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