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New Zealand Superannuation

The New Zealand Superannuation Fund invests money, on behalf of the New Zealand Government, to help pay for the increased cost of universal pension entitlements in the future. By doing this the Fund adds to Crown wealth, improves the ability of future Governments to pay for universal pensions, and ultimately reduces the tax burden on future New Zealanders. The fund has a large allocation to New Zealand


New Zealand



Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Matt Whineray

Chief Investment Officer

Stephen Gilmore


Catherine Drayton

Asset allocation

10% Alternatives

24% Debt Securities

43% Global Equities

4% Infrastructure

4% NZ Equities

4% Private Equity

4% Property

5% Rural & Timber

2% Other related articles
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Don’t Dream It’s Over: Whineray leaves NZ Super

When CEO of New Zealand Super Matt Whineray joined the fund in 2008 there were 40 employees, NZ$14.7 billion in assets which was all outsourced and the investment committee consisted of “anyone who wanted to attend”. When Whineray leaves on December 8 he’s leaving a very different organisation.
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NZ Super revamps factor portfolios, continues impact journey

NZ Super has revamped its multi-factor equities portfolios, working with its three external managers to integrate sustainability. Amanda White spoke to head of external investments, Del Hart, about the fine balance of meeting sustainability goals and finding factor alpha, and the next phase of the sustainability strategy: measuring investments for impact.
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NZ Super culls equities, focuses on impact

New Zealand Super has radically slashed the holdings in its passive equities portfolio as it re-aligns the portfolio with a Paris-aligned benchmark. It’s part of the fund’s shift to a sustainable finance focus which includes improving the fund’s already-good ESG profile and a more long-term future focus on impact investing.
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