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Labor Pension Fund – Taiwan

Governed by the Ministry of Labor, the Labor Funds comprise the Labor Pension Fund (the New Fund), the Labor Retirement Fund (the Old Fund), the Labor Insurance Fund, the Employment Insurance Fund, the Arrear Wage Payment Fund, and the Occupation Incidents Protection Fund. To solve the problem that in the Labor Retirement Fund scheme the length of service should be within the same business entity, the Labor Pension Fund Act was implemented in 2005. The Act transformed the labor pension scheme to defined contribution, in which the individual pension accounts are established and employers must contribute at least 6% of monthly salary for the employees to their personal pension accounts. The workers may also voluntarily contribute up to 6% of their salary to their own pension account with tax exemption. The contributed funds established the Labor Pension Fund. The Fund has a government guaranteed rate of return of no less than 2-year time deposit interest rate of local banks, which helps to secure the pensioners’ retirement.





Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Yu-Ching Su

Asset allocation
Asset allocation is based on the Labor Pension Fund (New)

15.17% Bank Deposits

8.46% Domestic Debt Securities

20.66% Domestic Equity Securities

17.69% Foreign Debt Securities

24.91% Foreign Equity Securities

13.11% Alternative Investments related articles
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