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KEVA is Finland’s largest pension provider, and it administers the pensions of public sector workers in state, municipal, and state church positions. KEVA’s 500-strong staff serve a total of 1.3 million public sector employees and pensioners as well as some 2,000 employer customers, i.e., local government organisations, State employers and parish unions.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Jaakko Kiander

Chief Investment Officer

Ari Huotari


Minna Arve

Asset allocation
The mission of Keva’s investment operations is to invest the fund’s assets in such a manner that the investment returns make it possible for the pension contribution to remain at a predictable and stable level far into the future.

40.2% Equities

35.1% Fixed Income

12.3% Private Equity

6.3% Real Estate

6.1% Hedge Funds related articles
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Finnish fund diversifies out of Europe

Over the past five years, Finland’s 5.4 million people have watched with alarm as the eurozone they joined as founder members has descended into financial turmoil. So it is no surprise that Keva, which manages €34.4 billion ($47.1 billion) on behalf of Finland’s municipalities, as well as administering state and Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland […]
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