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Industriens Pension Fund

Industriens Pension administers the labour market pension scheme for the employees under the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Industrial Employees. The Confederation of Danish Industries and The Central Organization of Industrial Employees founded Industriens Pension on 1 December 1992. The Confederation of Danish Industries owns 35% of the share capital and the seven unions within the Central Organization of Industrial Employees in Denmark own the remaining 65%.



AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Laila Mortensen

Chief Investment Officer

Peter Lindegaard


Mads Andersen

Asset allocation
Nominal Bonds (14%), Other Credit (4.9%), Emerging market bonds (10.1%), High yield bonds (5.8%), Investment grade bonds (4%), Danish equities (7.7%), Foreign equities (24.1%), Private equity (13.5%), Real estate (4.8%), Infrastructure (8.8%), Other strategies (0.3%), Financial instruments (0.0%), Liquidity (1.7%), Currency overlay (-0.5%), Interest rate overlay (-0.3%), Inflation overlay (0.9%)

14% Nominal Bonds

4.9% Other Credit

10.1% Emerging Market Bonds

5.8% High Yield Bonds

4% Investment Grade Bonds

7.7% Danish Equities

24.1% Foreign Equities

13.5% Private Equity

4.8% Real Estate

8.8% Infrastructure

0.3% Other Strategies

0% Financial Instruments

1.7% Liquidity

-0.5% Currency Overlay

-0.3% Interest Rate Overlay

0.9% Inflation Overlay related articles
Investor Profile

Hedging pays off for Industriens Pension

Industriens Pension is one of very few pension funds globally to achieve a positive return in 2008. Kristen Paech talks to chief investment officer, Jan Ostergaard, about what drove the positive return, and the fund’s upcoming merger with two small Danish funds. Asset Owner:Industriens Pension Fund
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