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IBM (US) Retirement Fund

IBM Retirement Fund is a single employer corporate pension based in White Plains, New York. Established in 1983, the plan provides death, retirement, and pension benefits to its members. It invests in public equity, fixed income, and alternative markets of the United States.


United States



Chief Executive

Rick Klutey

Chief Investment Officer

Rick Klutey

Asset allocation
Allocation based on 13F SEC filings Q2 2022

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The impact of technology on investments

Harshal Chaudhari recently sidestepped from his role as company-wide CIO at IBM, looking after $150 billion in pension assets, to a new role as the tech giant’s chief analytics officer. He spoke to Top1000Funds about the strategy he ran at the pension fund, his wider thoughts on the global economy and the impact of technology on the investment world.
Organisational Design

Big data, big opportunities: investors wake up to analytics

As pension funds act more like asset managers, with internal investment responsibilities, they should focus on the competitive advantages to be gained from data and analytics.   The healthcare industry has seen a 20 per cent decrease in patient mortality by analysing streaming patient data. The Telco industry has seen a 92 per cent increase […]
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