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Border to Coast Pensions Partnership

Border to Coast Pensions Partnership is one of the largest pension pools in the UK and was established in 2018. One of eight national Local Government pools, Border to Coast oversees the investment of pension assets, bringing together c.£55 billion investments of 11 like-minded Local Government Pension Scheme funds.

Border to Coast has created an FCA regulated investment company (“Border to Coast Pensions Partnership Ltd”) to manage the assets of its Partner Funds through both internal and external management within a number of investment vehicles, including an Authorised Contractual Scheme.


United Kingdom

AUM ($B)


Chief Executive

Rachel Elwell

Chief Investment Officer

Daniel Booth


Chris Hitchen

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Border to Coast: Securing access to the best managers

The United Kingdom's Border to Coast pension pool has just mandated to a new private markets managers. Mark Lyon explains how the manager accessed the brightest and the best. The private markets allocation is on track to deliver promised fee reductions, despite mandating to expensive, sought-after external managers.
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Border to Coast: cost savings and alpha generation

In the three years since formation Border to Coast has proven success on both sides of the ledger, providing significant cost savings for its underlying partner funds and giving them access to investments they would not have dreamed of as single entities. The passionate CIO of Border to Coast, Daniel Booth, talks to Amanda White about the fund’s success and what is next in its quest for constant improvement.
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