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Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund (Oak Pensions Asset Management )

Oak Pension Asset Management (OPAM) is a corporate pension based in London, United Kingdom. Established in 2010, it is the in-house asset manager for the Barclays pension fund. Oak Pension Asset Management is the investment division of Barclays UK Retirement Fund. The fund is managed by an executive team. Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund is a single-employer corporate pension based in Redhill, United Kingdom. The plan provides death, disability, and retirement benefits to the eligible UK-based employees of Barclays Bank. The assets are managed by the Barclays Pension Funds Trustees.


United Kingdom

AUM ($B)




Chief Executive

Tony Broccardo

Chief Investment Officer

Tony Broccardo


Peter Goshawk

Asset allocation

47% Cash and LDI

22% High Quality Credit

18% Contractual Cash Flow Assets

13% High Return Assets related articles
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