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Putting your footprint where your mouth is: CalSTRS reports on carbon emissions

In the latest move to demonstrate the same commitment to climate change it expects from its portfolio companies, CalSTRS has signed The Climate Registry, a leading voluntary greenhouse gas registry in North America. The $147 billion fund will report on its carbon footprint, which was dramatically reduced when it moved into its new building in 2009.

It is expected the CalSTRS headquarters will use 12 per cent less energy than comparable buildings in the US, translating to $130,000 a year in energy savings — money it says can be freed for investments. In addition, low-flow fixtures and high-efficiency irrigation reduce water usage by about 40 per cent. These features combined to earn it a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design new construction gold certificate from the US Green Building Council.

“CalTRS is committed to setting an example by ‘walking the talk’ with The Climate Registry and reporting our progress in reducing our carbon emissions and footprint,” chief executive Jack Ehnes said. “We understand that climate change risk is already having an effect on the global economuy so it only seems right that we go beyond what we ask our portfolio companies to do, which is to at least have a plan in place to report their greenhouse gas emissions.”

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