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Alaskan fund to air salaries thoughts in public

The board of the Alaska Permanent Fund’s management company has called a special meeting for next Monday, and invited public participation, to discuss the management’s salary structure.

The Alaska Permanent Fund Company (APFC) senior management, Mike Burns and Joan Cahill, will present an update of the salary structure to the meeting, to take place at Juneau, Alaska, June 14.

A notice on the $35 billion fund’s website shows the meeting timetable allows for scheduled appearances and public participation prior to the executives” presentation. The public are able to dial in via teleconference access.

The fund was set up in 1976 at the completion of the Alaskan pipeline project. It provides for 25 per cent of all minerals royalties to be paid into the fund for professional management. The fund can only invest in assets which produce an income with an acceptable level of risk.

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