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Citigroup: a case study in managerial and regulatory failures

This article by Arthur Wilmarth from George Washington University Law School uses Citigroup as a case study to demonstrate the question of whether bank executives and regulators are able to supervise and control today’s complex megabanks. The study shows that post-mortem evaluations of Citigroup’s near-collapse revealed that neither Citigroup’s managers nor its regulators recognized the […]

Regaining control: why investors must stand up to banks

As the chief executive of a financial services media and events business, Colin Tate* benefits from the growth in the banking sector. But at the same time he is perplexed by their bad corporate behaviour, large pay packets, and secret negotiations. It’s time, he says, for institutional investors to demand change.   I’m not a […]

Why Washington keeps giving in to Wall Street

Wall Street’s leaders are largely unrepentant for the immense harm their institutions inflicted on the U.S. economy during the financial crisis, and their outlook nd behavior have not changed in any significant way since the crisis, according to a George Washington University Law School paper. However the lengthy and detailed paper argues there is hope. […]