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UTIMCO gets ready for 2024

The endowment for two major Texan universities is hoping for a soft economic landing but planning for a recession. It is honing a playbook that ensures ongoing liquidity to make distributions, is not over its skis in terms of capital calls and commitments and has the firepower to invest in.

Time for a coordinated approach

The US Federal Reserve has fired its last round of ammunition, cutting interest rates to zero, in a move that continues to see it play from the monetary policy songbook. Some market commentators doubt whether it will be enough to prop up markets, raising the question of whether it is finally time for a more coordinated fiscal and monetary policy approach.

Former Trump adviser: recession coming

Kevin Hassett, the former economic adviser to US president Donald Trump, has warned that the chance of the global economy falling into a deep recession from the coronavirus outbreak was “pretty close to 100 per cent.”