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Organisational Design

Making the future of work actually work

The CFA Institute's Future of Work in Investment Management report reveals the changes investment organisations are likely to make as they reassess the context of careers, work, and the culture of organizations, both in the near term and in the next five to 10 years. The report's author Rebecca Fender explains the key lessons.

CFA’s future of sustainability

A huge survey by the CFA Institute of more than 7,000 industry participants has found 85 per cent of CFA Institute members now consider ESG factors in their investing, but it also reveals a big gap in the required skills, data and culture around ESG. Rebecca Fender explains.
Featured Story

Professional development key for future

As the investment industry continues to experience accelerating change and disruption, what will the effect be on investment roles and required skills? In the first of a series of articles exploring the CFA Institute's Investment Professional of the Future report which gives roadmaps for investment professionals and organizations.