Asset Allocation

TelstraSuper: allocation authority

Graeme Miller, CIO at the A$21 billion TelstraSuper fund, has beefed up the staff and processes committed to asset allocation and adopted an empowering vision of world-class funds management.
Asset Allocation

MERS: real assets, non-US markets

MERS chief investment officer Jeb Burns still finds value in active management as he seeks to up the fund’s exposure to emerging markets, and other non-US locales, in equities and real assets.
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Constant improvement a core value at AP2

The total investment costs of AP2 are only 17 basis points, yet the portfolio is described by chief executive, Eva Halvarsson as complex and advanced. So how do they do it?
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The bioeconomy century

AP2, the SEK300 billion Swedish buffer fund, is attracted to the diversification benefits and long-term nature of timber investments.
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Australian fund leading the way on real assets

The $15 billion Australian super fund for hospitality workers, HOSTPLUS, has a 10 per cent allocation to infrastructure and is aggressively increasing its allocation to real assets. David Rowley spoke to chief investment officer, Sam Sicilia, about what the fund seeks from real assets.   A quarter of the $15 billion in assets held by... Read more »

Collaboration keep deals on tap

As British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) moves towards its target of having 30 per cent of its portfolio exposed to real assets, it is seeking collaborative opportunities with similar large institutional investors. The investment manager is on the lookout for other like-minded investors and has already made significant co-investments in recent years. This year... Read more »
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Understanding complexity at BCIMC

On the first page of the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) annual report is a flow chart titled “complexity and connections”, outlining how the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami and nuclear disaster sent shock waves through the global economy. Understanding complexity and both the risks and potential opportunities that can arise from an increasingly... Read more »
Asset Allocation

Investors see the forest for the trees

Timber is increasingly attractive for institutional investors as part of an alternatives exposure, with benefits including diversification and inflation-hedging. To date most of the investments have been in the US, but a new report predicts this will move to emerging countries including those in Asia, with consultants advising investors spread their timber exposures to capture... Read more »