Funds team up on G7 priorities

A group of institutional investors are collaborating to address the G7 priorities of climate change, gender inequality and the infrastructure gap, agreeing to commit resources and expertise.
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Looming downturn forces moves

Asset owners are diversifying, cutting costs and allocating assets to low-volatility strategies to put their portfolios in position for difficult times, a high-level panel discussion found.

Fund managers lack business skills

PGGM's Jaap van Dam and Kempen's Lars Dijkstra say that asset owners with long-term horizons should look for managers who can analyse industries and companies to find intrinsic value.
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PGGM maps portfolio’s impact

The $268 billion PGGM mapped its entire portfolio based on the effects it had on 'the people and the planet'. For the sustainability-focused giant, the results were surprising.
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APG takes the lead on AI

APG is one of the few large asset owners putting AI to work effectively in its investment process. Amanda White looks at how it is integrating machine learning and more to enhance decisions.

Dutch pension funds embrace UN goals

PGGM and APG are well advanced in developing a process to identify potential sustainable development investment opportunities that could transform the UN’s targets into tangible returns.

PGGM touts circular economy

Dutch manager echoes new TIIP/Toniic report that states an economic model of renewable resources and continuous reuse of materials is emerging and investors need to get on board.

PGGM, APG lead Dutch sustainability push

Two of the Netherlands’ largest fund managers, PGGM and APG, are developing investment strategies designed to help boost the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.
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GPIF announces boosted stewardship role

A year on from signing the PRI, the world’s biggest pension fund will seek discussion with non-Japanese asset owners regarding advances in environmental, social and governance practices.

Long horizon investors ‘a crazy bunch’

Asset owners should allocate capital where it is productive, which implies knowing where value is created in the real world. Jaap van Dam contemplates what it means to be a long-horizon investor.

PGGM halves CO2 footprint in investments

Ahead of the COP21 in Paris, the second largest Dutch fund with €161 billion ($160 billion), Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW), has announced it will halve the CO2 footprint of its investments by 2020. After an in-depth study with its fund manager, PGGM, the fund has decided its capital should be focused on companies that... Read more »

The importance of investment beliefs

It’s often said that investment beliefs provide the solid frame on which investment strategy can hang. Some of these Magna Carta’s are beguilingly simple, like ‘Costs Matter’. Others may enshrine beliefs like ‘A Long Term Investors Has Opportunities and Responsibilities.’ So, it was with keen interest that delegates at PRI in Person 2015, the annual... Read more »