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AustralianSuper contemplates foreign outposts

Australia’s largest superannuation fund, AustralianSuper, is considering whether it should have its own investment management and currency hedging teams based in Europe and America. Due to the mandatory nature of the system in Australia, the current rate of funds under management growth means assets are doubling every four to five years. Peter Curtis, head of […]
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Inhouse target: zero to
$40 billion in 4 years

If everything continues on schedule, the $60-billion AustralianSuper will begin testing its new internal investment-management systems this month, with a view to managing its first money in house in the third quarter of 2013. Within four years the fund expects to manage as much as $40 billion in house, funded primarily from cash flow, and […]
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Pension roll-ins devilishly detailed

As evidence emerges that pension best-practice increasingly manifests in mega-funds, mergers to capitalise on the benefits of economies of scale abound. Amanda White looks behind the scenes of the roll-in of the $3.4 billion state-based Westscheme into the $37 billion AustralianSuper, and finds it’s not as glamorous as it sounds.