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NZ Super revamps factor portfolios, continues impact journey

NZ Super has revamped its multi-factor equities portfolios, working with its three external managers to integrate sustainability. Amanda White spoke to head of external investments, Del Hart, about the fine balance of meeting sustainability goals and finding factor alpha, and the next phase of the sustainability strategy: measuring investments for impact.
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How to use smart beta

While smart beta is a much-talked about concept, implementation is slow. Part of the reluctance of investors is the risk of sustained underperformance, but that can be overcome by matching portfolio liquidity requirements with factor cycle duration. Amanda White speaks to Michael Hunstad, head of quantitative equity research, global equity management, at Northern Trust. Sustained […]

The real factor exposures in “smart beta” indexes

Investors relying on nomenclature of smart beta indexes as an accurate reflection of their factor exposures should take a closer look. New research, using a “factor efficiency ratio”, finds that most smart beta indexes are unable to provide desired factor exposures without taking on substantial unintended exposures. Importantly the paper finds that some smart beta […]
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The Specter of Rising Interest Rates

After the 2008 financial crisis, global central banks flooded the financial markets with liquidity to restore stability and set the stage for economic recovery. But these actions also raised investor concerns about inflation and fixed income investments. In the accompanying paper, “The Specter of Rising Interest Rates,” Northern Trust’s Jim McDonald discusses the current situation […]
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Derivatives: How will the New US and EU Regulations Affect the Asia Pacific Region

The global financial services industry during 2011 faces active rulemaking and a myriad of changes in derivatives regulations from the United States and European Union. For financial firms operating in the Asia-Pacific region, the effects of these proposed regulatory changes on derivatives markets are particularly unclear. This article touches on some of the most-pressing concerns […]
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Frontier Markets: Aligning Portfolios with the Global Economy

The frontier markets sub-asset class, which completes the international opportunity set, exhibits low correlations to developed countries, high long-term economic growth potential and an attractive risk/return profile. These characteristics may appeal to sophisticated investors who want broad exposure to this asset class and understand the higher geo-political, regulatory and operational risks in these markets. Click […]