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Subtle charm in new asset allocation models

There is an over-abundance of literature about the failure of traditional asset allocation models, and the need for a new alternative that will solve all the world’s problems. But a new model by Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners caught my cynicism by surprise this week.

What price liquidity?

Two interwoven areas of investment management – liquidity and risk management – have become a boon for academics in the wake of the financial crisis and the liquidity black holes that apparently formed within endowment and pension funds. It may seem to be an overabundance of research, but it’s in line with demand.

US endowments interested in outsourcing to multi-managers

A significant proportion of US endowments and other non-profit funds are at least “moderately interested” in outsourcing their investment management to a multi-manager model in the wake of the global financial crisis, according to a new survey by SEI Investments Company.