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Building consensus for investment beliefs at CalPERS

An investment-beliefs workshop for the CalPERS board, held in April, revealed five areas, including active management, where the views of the board and staff lacked consensus. The contentious, or unsettled, topics for discussion were active management, private asset classes, sustainability (environmental, social and governance), investment performance targets and stakeholder considerations. At the board workshop, Janine […]

CalPERS draws roadmap for manager selection

CalPERS will standardise the process by which it selects investment partners as part of the investment office’s roadmap for 2011-2012 which includes six strategic priorities including the new categories of talent management and investment performance.

CalPERS to hold public board meetings

CalPERS’ remaining board meetings for the year, in May, July and September, will be open to the public as the fund deliberates a full asset-liability assessment, culminating in a potential change to the benchmark rate of return in December.