Mercer’s four themes for 2018

Mercer delves into central bank policy, geopolitics, macroeconomics and sustainability to kick off four discussions investors need to have as they prepare for a more changeable year ahead.

CalPERS examines adopting SDGs

The $357 billion pension plan will examine aligning its portfolio with the UN’s SDGs, which would give the fund’s ESG engagement a more keen focus on social objectives such as ending poverty.

ESG scrutiny hits private markets

Listed assets aren’t the only investments under more scrutiny. As funds strive for sustainability, they are now applying that rigour even to notoriously opaque classes such as private equity.
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PRI demands ESG action from consultants

A new report from the Principles for Responsible Investment states that investment consultants must put ESG issues at the core of the advice they offer, to build a sustainable finance system.
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EAPF leads climate-change push

The Environment Agency Pension Fund is expanding its efforts to support a low-carbon economy and demanding that other asset owners and the entire finance industry ‘step up’ as well.

ESG policy initiatives gain momentum

PRI is working on aligning Europe’s financial system with sustainability objectives, as ESG-related initiatives gain momentum globally. Head of policy and research, Nathan Fabian, explains.
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ESG industry needs better social skills

Human rights advocate Kerry Kennedy says ESG frameworks are not providing investors with enough reliable data about human rights and other social issues to allow accurate assessment of risks.
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Credit-risk analysts weighing ESG

A PRI report finds that ESG factors are slowly becoming a bigger consideration by ratings agencies in bond markets. The PRI plans industry forums to make further progress.
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Improve human capital disclosure

When investors know how companies strategically manage and organise people, they can make better decisions. In the ongoing digital disruption, investors need such information more than ever.
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Norway reviews GPFG strategy

Norway is looking into whether GPFG, the world’s largest sovereign fund, should take on more diversifying assets and expand its tracking error. The fund’s ESG performance is also under review.

NZ Super cleans out its carbon

Investors are not getting paid for taking on carbon risk according to New Zealand Super, prompting the fund to move its global passive equities portfolio to low carbon.
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Stewardship codes guide best practice

Stewardship codes have an important role in influencing company behaviour, so the PRI is pleased to hear that Australia is the latest country to ask fund managers to abide by a stewardship code.