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LGPS should embrace impact investing

LGPS funds have objectives aligned with many of the social issues that impact investing targets. This should make the trend popular within the scheme, once decision-makers are properly informed.

NZ Super looks to factors, carbon

The NZ$33 billion NZ Super is looking to increase its exposure to equity factors and implement the next phase of its climate strategy, which includes decarbonising existing factor mandates.
Featured Homepage Articles #2

Tough choices before, after divestment

Whether to divest from sensitive or controversial investments such as firearms can be a difficult call for fiduciaries, and making it doesn't put an end to the tough choices.
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Engage on palm oil to advance SDGs

Investors seeking to link the UN Sustainable Development Goals to their strategies can reduce tropical deforestation associated with agricultural commodities by influencing portfolio companies.
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The logic against investing in handguns

There is a rational basis for not putting assets into handgun producers but emotions and politics cloud the issue. Judging the case on facts and figures, not dogma, makes the choice clear.
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Human rights benchmark a catalyst

The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark aims to intensify the race to the top for companies in their efforts to drive abuses from the supply chain. A new report shows it's working.
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Blockchain lifts shareholder’s voice

The technology behind Bitcoin also has the potential to allow real-time, digital voting for corporate stakeholders and make ESG factors more transparent throughout supply chains, PRI chief says.
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Mercer touts ESG integration, SDGs

Embedding ESG factors into investment decision-making processes makes related risks more apparent, while strategies based on SDGs align portfolios more closely with long-term wealth creation.
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TCFD advances Carbon Disclosure Project

As the CDP turns 18, its founders’ dream of universal reporting of climate-change data is closer to reality than ever, thanks to standards and guidelines the TCFD has released.
Fiduciary Investors Symposium

Steps beyond carbon footprinting

Merely capturing carbon data doesn't do enough to inform asset owners about environmental risk but models and technology are emerging to do the job, the Smith School's Ben Caldecott explains.
Asset Owner

Tell the PRI how to empower you

With its new survey of asset owners, the Principles for Responsible Investment hopes to learn ways to help an incredibly diverse range of signatories build true value for their beneficiaries.
Asset Classes

GPIF seeks better beta through ESG

You can't beat the market if you are the market. That's reality for Japan's behemoth pension fund; therefore, it looks to improve overall returns by engaging and investing with an ESG focus.