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Steps beyond carbon footprinting

Merely capturing carbon data doesn't do enough to inform asset owners about environmental risk but models and technology are emerging to do the job, the Smith School's Ben Caldecott explains.
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Tell the PRI how to empower you

With its new survey of asset owners, the Principles for Responsible Investment hopes to learn ways to help an incredibly diverse range of signatories build true value for their beneficiaries.

GPIF seeks better beta through ESG

You can't beat the market if you are the market. That's reality for Japan's behemoth pension fund; therefore, it looks to improve overall returns by engaging and investing with an ESG focus.

PGGM maps portfolio’s impact

The $268 billion PGGM mapped its entire portfolio based on the effects it had on 'the people and the planet'. For the sustainability-focused giant, the results were surprising.

GEPF shows value of governance

A controversial loan and an accounting scandal at an investee company demonstrate the value of ESG practices at the $131 billion South African Government Employees Pension Fund.

APG takes the lead on AI

APG is one of the few large asset owners putting AI to work effectively in its investment process. Amanda White looks at how it is integrating machine learning and more to enhance decisions.
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Europe sets stage for ESG reform

The High-Level Expert Group has carefully prepared a view of the changes needed to make capital markets sustainable. The report establishes a reform agenda that the PRI backs wholeheartedly.

Report gives EU funds ESG guidance

The High-Level Expert Group’s 2018 report provides a range of recommendations for how Europe’s pension funds can better address the risks and opportunities ESG concerns pose for their portfolios.
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CFA Institute defends curriculum

In a recent article for, Keith Ambachtsheer called the CFA Institute’s curriculum outdated and short on future focus. The institute argues that he should look again.

CalSTRS to benchmark using ESG mandates

The $225 billion CalSTRS is working towards adding six equities mandates that have a specific focus on sustainability. It will benchmark traditional managers against their ESG approaches.

The habits of top ESG performers

A look at Corporate Knights’ 2018 ranking of the best companies for ESG reveals that they pay more in taxes, hire more women in executive roles, and generate more clean revenue than their peers.

Mercer’s four themes for 2018

Mercer delves into central bank policy, geopolitics, macroeconomics and sustainability to kick off four discussions investors need to have as they prepare for a more changeable year ahead.