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Texas Teachers bears down on fees

The $140 billion Teacher Retirement System of Texas is renegotiating its deals with hedge fund managers including moving to a 1-and 30 fee model as it looks to realign fees across the board.

Do you get what you pay for?

A pay-for-performance measure of chief investment officers in the US has revealed paying more for an executive does not translate to better performance. Developed by executive recruitment firm, Charles Skorina & Company, the index is calculated by assessing an institution’s investment returns over the past five years, and measuring it against the salary of the […]

Texas Teachers extends manager partnerships

Texas Teachers Retirement System has extended a unique public markets strategic partnership structure to two of its private market managers in a move it claims will give the fund a long-term strategic advantage over other investors.

Texas Teachers looks to hedge bets in low-returns world

Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) will look to investments in hedge funds to maintain its position as one of the best performing public pension funds in the United States, its chief investment officer Britt Harris told trustees at its recent board meeting.

Texas CIO dismisses calls for flexibility

A successful tactical bet by the investment team of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas fuelled a heated debate at the April investment committee meeting which concluded with chief investment officer, Britt Harris, dismissing the need for more flexibility in the fund’s policy statement.