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TCorp’s chair on change

Philip Chronican had 35 year career in Australian banking including as head of ANZ, and is now on the board of NAB. He talks about transformational change at the A$92 billion ($68 billion) TCorp.
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What does an effective board look like?

Pension fund boards are complex, evolving, collective bodies and the individuals that serve them face unique challenges. The Rotman-ICPM Board Effectiveness Program is a week-long course designed specifically for pension fund trustees that showcases how an effective board looks and behaves. Pension management beneficiaries are delegating to a body that then delegates to an executive, […]
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The rise of the foreign trustee

Which developed world pension fund will become the first to have a Chinese national sit on its board? The debate on board diversity has focused on gender, race and age, but in future it could extend to having representatives of the countries your fund would most like to invest in. As funds travel along the […]