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WSIB eschews administrivia for risk deep-dives

This summer the Washington State Investment Board will conduct two “deep dives” using its new risk tools to examine the portfolio exposure to US debt, and the impact of turmoil among the European Union. Executive director, Theresa Whitmarsh, discusses the board planning session, which will also include a review of the fund’s resource constraints.

CIC expands global reach

The Chinese Investment Corporation will hire a throng of investment professionals to join its nearly 200-member global investment team, following the second meeting of its international advisory council in Shanghai this month.

CalPERS collaborates on enterprise risk assessment

The speed with which CalPERS can fulfil its desire to become a risk intelligent organisation has been given a reality check with discussions between the Californian fund and TIAA-CREF revealing it takes two to five years to fully implement an effective enterprise risk-management structure, and importantly a risk intelligent culture in an organisation.

…as management costs creep up on OMERS

The $48.4 billion OMERS, which plans to have 90 per cent of assets directly managed by 2012, increased its investment management expenses in 2009 by 8 per cent, a figure it claims is offset by lower investment operating and third-party manager expenses.