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Pensioenfonds Vervoer is a compulsory industry pension fund that was established in 1964. Pensioenfonds Vervoer administers the pension schemes for employees in the sectors of professional goods transport, private bus and taxi transport, the inland shipping company, the crane rental company and the employees of Orsima.





Performance (%, 1YR)


Chief Executive

Willem Brugman 

Chief Investment Officer

Misha Ariaans


Eddy Veltink

Asset allocation

59% Fixed Income

34.4% Shares

5.5% Property

1.1% Other related articles
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Steady defense turns the wheels at Vervoer

Patrick Groenendijk, chief investment officer of €14-billion ($18-billion) Dutch fund Pensioenfonds Vervoer, seems to be well aware of the value of stability to investors, having striven to find the fund’s ideal fiduciary manager, keep faith in a defensive investment strategy and stay at an arm’s length from government investment initiatives. The Vervoer fund has been […]
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Day One wrap

The week was greeted by a rare visible sunrise in Beijing this Monday morning, as institutional investors from 17 countries with combined assets of $3 trillion gathered in the city for the Fiduciary Investors Symposium hosted by
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Dutch fund refines fiduciary manager duties

The Dutch fund for the transport industry, Pensioenfonds Vervoer, sacked Goldman Sachs Asset Management as its fiduciary manager in June last year. It is now close to appointing a replacement. Chief investment officer, Patrick Groenendijk, spoke to about what it wants from an outsourced fiduciary.
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