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National Wealth Fund – Russian

The National Wealth Fund (NWF) is a part of federal budget assets. NWF is dedicated to support the pension system of the Russian Federation to guarantee long-term sound functioning of the system. Fund’s primer assignments are to co-finance voluntary pension savings of Russian citizens and to balance the budget of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The fund stands out from other global funds with it gathering investments into the national economy itself instead investing everything overseas, so it can provide a boost to the slow modernization of Russian infrastructure in a time of otherwise anemic investment


Russian Federation

AUM ($B)


Chief Executive

Kirill A. Dmitriev

Asset allocation
NWF assets can be invested in following ways (in one or all of them simultaneously):1) purchase of foreign currencies (US dollars, euro, GB pounds) and allocation to the Federal Treasury’s accounts with the Bank of Russia which pays interest on them according to bank account agreement; 2)purchase of foreign currencies and financial assets denominated in Russian ruble and eligible foreign currencies (further – eligible financial assets). The Fund assets are invested according to the first alternative (allocation to the Federal Treasury’s accounts with the Bank of Russia) in the following way. According to calculation and transfer procedure of interest payments approved by the Ministry of Finance the Bank of Russia pays interest equivalent to yield of total return indices of financial assets complying with requirements approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

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