Balancing the long and short of it

Recent reports highlight challenges sovereign wealth funds face in reconciling long- and short-term objectives – and how success in private markets comes from finding and developing talent.

‘Asset class alpha’, and sector ETFs

A large percentage of the outperformance of private equity can be replicated by using sector exchange traded funds, according to new research.

Traditional risk measures flawed

The traditional method of using aggregated monthly data to measure long run risk is flawed and inaccurate, according to important new research by State Street. Co-authors David Turkington, Will Kinlaw and Mark Kritzman have found that there is a huge divergence in risk and return over long periods, which is not visible when using measures... Read more »

Concerns over private equity leave pension funds wary

Institutional investors are clearly attracted to private equity, but remain wary of the sector for its perceived lack of transparency and ability to be measured, high fees and a sense that they cannot invest into the sector as truly equal partners. “It’s clear that now is a time with a lot of flux in private... Read more »

A new model of liquidity

The risk-adjusted benefit of being able to rebalance a portfolio is worth tens of basis points, according to new research that assigns risk and return measures to liquidity so it can be analysed alongside other portfolio decisions. The award-winning research is now being used by large sovereign wealth funds, to determine the value they should... Read more »

How turbulence measures can improve performance

Will Kinlaw, managing director of portfolio and risk management group at State Street Global Markets in Cambridge, tells Amanda White why new ‘turbulence’ indexes, measuring volatility and unusualness of returns, can guide investors in adjusting risk exposures and so improve returns.