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New NAPF chair to build trust in UK pensions

New chairman Ruston Smith’s inaugural speech at the United Kingdom’s National Association of Pension Fund annual conference in Manchester focused on building trust in the pensions industry. Talking about the need to create “pensions people trust to deliver a decent income, pensions people trust to be there when they retire and pensions people trust not […]
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Pension funds, where banks no longer go?

There continues to be potential for pension capital appearing where bank lending no longer wants to go. Commentators in the UK and continental Europe have heightened expectations that pension funds will step in to help fill the continent’s bank financing gap. Societe Generale, for instance, recently predicted further “disintermediation” by investors sidestepping banks and looking […]
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How is the Tesco fund faring aged one?

According to the latest figures, an ambitious turnaround plan at the United Kingdom’s biggest supermarket chain, Tesco, has helped reverse falling profits. Last year the retailer, one of Britain’s largest private sector employers and a landmark in every town since founder Jack Cohen opened his first store in North London in 1929, also changed strategy […]